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Möllering Gummi- und Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Bürgermeister-Bombeck-Str. 2

22851 Norderstedt


Tel.: 040 - 52 98 73 - 0

Fax: 040 - 5 24 13 63


Production range

Our production range can be structured by the following categories:


  • FREEHAND PRODUCTION: Process to mechanically produce molded likely parts and prototypes without use of a mold
  • RUBBER MOLDED PARTS: Molded parts consisting of rubber, which are produced by pressing into a mold
  • WATER JET TECHNOLOGY: Process for cutting materials using a high pressure water jet
  • PLASTIC MOLDED PARTS: Thermoplastic parts that are produced by injection and cooling in a mold
  • MOLD MAKING: Production of molds and devices for production of molded parts
  • 3D-PRINTING FOR MOLD MAKING: Production of mold inserts through 3D-printing
  • CASTING TECHNOLOGY: Process to produce molded parts of fluid materials that cure in a mold without use of pressure
  • HOSE TECHNOLOGY: Flexible tubes to deliver solid, fluid or gaseous sub stances
  • EXTRUSION: Process to produce rubber and plastic hoses and profiles
  • FOAM TECHNOLOGY: Gaseous bubbles enclosed in solid, elastic or fluid walls





If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We are looking forward to create your individual ideas!