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Safety and protection of people and the environment are of fundamental importance to us as a company. We strengthen the awareness of our employees for safety and the environment and sharpen their awareness of possible environmental pollution caused by products or operations. With the construction of our new plant in particular, we have created an environmentally friendly working environment in accordance with the current Energy Conservation Regulation 2014, which requires the highest standards and is aware of the social role and responsibility of a sustainable, innovative company.


We have been able to significantly reduce our ecological footprint through advanced energy supply, such as a gas heat pump and energy floor, and efficient consumption. The working conditions for all employees have also been optimised, particularly with regard to the generosity of workplaces and places of retreat, safety and well-being for a pleasant working environment.


In addition, we are sustainably improving the safety of our products: in the selection of raw materials, in production, storage, transport, distribution, use, recovery, and in disposal or recycling. We are also continuously expanding our knowledge about our products and processes, especially with regard to possible effects on people and the environment in all phases of the life cycle.



Tree Sponsorship

This year, we as a company have decided to make a further contribution to the topic of sustainability. In cooperation with the organization Plant for the Planet, we - Möllering and TSW - have taken on a tree sponsorship for 2,000 trees. This planting project is being implemented on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico.


Trees clean our air by storing CO2 and generating new oxygen. However, 46% of the worldwide tree population has already been destroyed. With our tree donation we want to set an example and at the same time contribute to a CO2 reduction of 20 tons per year.


For more information, please visit the website of the organization Plant for the Planet.





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